Daisy Bateman

New Year’s Cheese

You know what’s better than going out on New Year’s Eve? Staying home and eating cheese:

Top row: Cowgirl Creamery Wagon Wheel, Blue Stilton
Bottom row: Hirtenkase, Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog, Cave Aged Gruyere
Not pictured: Brillat-Savarin

With the brand new set of cheese knives you got for Christmas:

I’m still not totally sure what the big one is for.

And do you know what’s even better than staying home and eating cheese with your new cheese knives, and also quite filling? Staying home and eating graavlax and caviar on blinis* made by Cameron:

It’s bad form to sneak too many bites of caviar when someone else is busy cooking. Or so I’ve heard.

And don’t forget the creme fraiche:

It’s white sauce!**

Of course, now one may be left of the problem of a great deal of leftover cheese (see above).***

This is what I would call a “manageable problem.”

*Modified recipe, because the yeast part seemed like too much work. Basically, pancakes with buckwheat flour, and delicious.
**No, I don’t get it either.
***Except for the Brillat-Savarin (not pictured).

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