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You Paid What?: The Most Expensive T-Shirts on the Internet*

Whenever anyone wants to make fun of designer-pricing excesses, they always go for the easy target of super-expensive t-shirts. So I thought, hey, why should everyone else be having all the fun?

Just Cavalli t-shirt, $175

Not only is it insanely expensive for what it is, it’s also– bonus!– stunningly hideous. And it’s on sale!

Earth t-shirt, $425

The only possible reason you could have for purchasing this is that you don’t understand decimal points.

Fendi t-shirt, $790

Cute! And so perfect for those days when you don’t want to get all dressed up, but still need to spend at least a grand on your outfit.

Givenchy t-shirt, $785

Recently, I was asked why I didn’t feature more men’s clothes here, and I was forced to admit that there seemed to be fewer stupid clothes for men available, to much smugness. Well, I take it back.

*That I could find with about twenty minutes of looking.

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