Daisy Bateman

The Googlebet II

I did this once before, back in 2008, when the world was a different place*. But I think it’s time to revisit, so here you are, for the second time: The most commonly searched words as predicted by Google’s autofill function for each letter of the alphabet.**

A is for Amazon

B is for Best Buy

C is for Craigslist
D is for Dictionary

E is for ESPN

F is for Facebook

G is for Google***

H is for Hotmail****

I is for Illinois lottery*****
J is for Jewel Osco******
K is for Kohls
L is for LinkedIn
M is for Mapquest
N is for Netflix
O is for Old Navy
P is for Pandora
Q is for Quotes
R is for Redbox
S is for Southwest

T is for Target

U is for United Airlines
V is for Victoria (sic) Secret
W is for Walmart
X is for X Factor

Y is for YouTube

Z is for Zillow

So, what does the vast database that Google is maintaining on you tell them that you would like to see when you search the letters of the alphabet?

*Not really.
**Unchanged terms are marked in a tasteful mauve.
***Wait, what?
****Wait, what?
*****I should point out that my work computer believes it is in North Chicago, which I’m starting to suspect is influencing these results
******See above.

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