Daisy Bateman

Stupid Companies Update

Remember this? Well, guess what arrived–twice!– in my inbox today?  Dealix Customer Service customerservice@dealixcarbuying.com to me YOUR OPINION WILL CHANGE THINGS. Dear Daisy Zhu, On 03/05/2012 we put you in touch with Prestige Lexus in Ramsey, NJ regarding a new 2011 Lexus GS RWD 350. We can’t wait to take action based on your opinion. … Read more

The Ultimate Purpose of the Internet

What do people like even more than talking about the weather? Reading what other people are thinking about the weather! At least, I’m assuming that’s what the people at the Weather Channel website were thinking when they introduced this feature. On the one hand, I guess it might be useful to have all of the … Read more

Ugly Clothes for Rich People Part IX

They’re here, they’re ugly, you can’t afford it. Rochas bodysuit, $850 Perfect if your Halloween costume is “sexy skin disease.” Haider Ackerman Pants, $1220 Early front-runner for the Least Flattering Pants of the Year award. Maison Martin Margiela smock, $1845  Hey, remember that time you got so drunk you lost all your clothes, and you … Read more

Thurscheese: MYOM*

(Off for two weeks and back with my least popular feature! I rock at this.) Remember that time about forever ago when I spent an afternoon drinking wine and reading Sunset magazine, suddenly decided that I was the kind of person who made things at home and ordered a cheese-making kit and a mushroom log? … Read more