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Thurscheese: MYOM*

(Off for two weeks and back with my least popular feature! I rock at this.)

Remember that time about forever ago when I spent an afternoon drinking wine and reading Sunset magazine, suddenly decided that I was the kind of person who made things at home and ordered a cheese-making kit and a mushroom log? Yeah, I was a little fuzzy on that one too. But apparently Cameron was getting a little irked about having this unused cheese-making kit hanging around the kitchen,*** so last weekend we went ahead and used it.

And you know what?

It turned out pretty dang good.

Okay, yes, it cost about four times as much as just buying a mozzarella, even before you factor in the time it took. And for all that, if you held a gun to my head,**** I would probably be forced to admit that I couldn’t really tell the difference between it and the storebought version.

But whatever. It’s cheese and I made it and it is delicious with a little fancy aged balsamic, and I am going to have some more when I get home.

Next weekend, we’re making ricotta.

*Make Your Own Mozzarella.**
**How many words can you change in an acronym before the point is lost?
***The mushroom log bloomed once, providing exactly three mushrooms, before returning to its base state of “log.” I’m not sure what it says about me that I can’t even get something to rot properly, but I’m pretty sure it’s nothing good.
****Please don’t.

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  1. Coincidentally enough, I bought a mushroom kit for one boss, and a cheese-making kit for another, for xmas. The mushrooms were HUUUUUUGE. She ate 'em, and said they were delicious (they were too scary for me). The cheese-making kit, sadly, has still not been used. Good to know it *could* have been amazing!


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