Daisy Bateman

Ugly Clothes for Rich People Part IX

They’re here, they’re ugly, you can’t afford it.

Rochas bodysuit, $850

Perfect if your Halloween costume is “sexy skin disease.”

Haider Ackerman Pants, $1220

Early front-runner for the Least Flattering Pants of the Year award.

Maison Martin Margiela smock, $1845

 Hey, remember that time you got so drunk you lost all your clothes, and you had to ride home on the bus with a rug strapped to your torso? And then you sold it for almost two grand? No? Huh. Must’ve been someone else.

Balenciaga tank top, $1065

Let’s walk through the thinking about this one. It’s a thing that looks like another thing, but does not function like the other thing. And the other thing is not something that most people even want to look like. You’re basically spending more than a grand to have people stare at you and wonder where the rest of your sweater went, and whether you know that it’s gone.

Alexander McQueen jacket, $1075

For the business-casual belly dancer.

Dolce & Gabana jeans, $610

Mom jeans: They’re not just for women anymore.

2 thoughts on “Ugly Clothes for Rich People Part IX”

  1. The model for the rug doesn't look too happy.

    The tank top with the extra sleeve, where is that wrist part going to rest when you sit down on the bus?

    I had a bellydancing teacher at one point, an amazing dancer who sometimes did a lunchtime gig. She was an accountant. No way would she wear this, for any event, business or bellydance… because she has taste. I really wonder how many of these sold.

    A brilliant selection, loving your blog.


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