Daisy Bateman

It’s Called “Personal” Hygene; Let’s Keep It That Way

Things that disgust me, in ascending order:

1. People brushing their teeth in the work bathroom.
2. People flossing in the work bathroom.
3. The spatter of toothpaste and crud on the mirror that persists for the rest of the day due to people brushing and flossing in the work bathroom.

It’s not that I want your teeth to rot; it’s just that I’d rather not be a spectator in the process.

4 thoughts on “It’s Called “Personal” Hygene; Let’s Keep It That Way”

  1. Keep bodily fluid spatter for the special people in your life, y'know, partners and forensic scientists.

    I'm a bit insistent about people cleaning up after themselves. ick

  2. If I were your coworker and wanted to brush my teeth after lunch, what options would I have that you'd approve of?

  3. Well, bearing in mind that I'm biased by being told by the dentist that it's unnecessary, I would have to suggest the little-used bathroom on the first floor. But at the very, very least, I would hope you would wipe off the mirror when you were done.

  4. I don't brush or floss exuberantly, so nothing gets onto the mirror. I cannot, however, claim that the same is true of the person I share a master bathroom with.


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