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Since You Asked: Brides Magazine Advice Column

The upside/downside of our recent home invasion by Brides magazine is the truly wonderful advice column. I may have to offer my help to all of the questioners eventually, but for now let’s just take it from the top.

My fiance’s family is showing zero interest in planning the wedding, while my parents are really involved. He tells me not to take offense– it’s just how they are– but I’m starting to feel like they don’t like me. Is this normal? Should I say something to them?

Dear Person,

The columnist addressed the functional part of your question in her answer– pointing out that they may be staying out of your hair out of kindness, or just because they have better things to do*– so I’m going to skip that and get to your Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Have you always felt that other people should arrange their lives entirely around your interests, or is it a new thing? I realize that a couple of hours spent huffing bridal-magazine glue can make it seem like choosing a napkin color is the most important decision since the deployment of the a-bomb, only with more potential casualties, but believe me when I say that not everyone feels this way.

But we’re just skirting the real issue here, aren’t we? You don’t actually want your fiance’s family weighing in on the planning with their terrible ideas. (What kind of monster would suggest green ribbons for the centerpieces? The horror.) No, what you want is to be recognized as the most important person in the world by everyone involved, because that is your birthright. It’s the modern way: Forget the whole princess-for-a-day thing; now you’re the despotic ruler of a small island nation for a good eight months.

So, no, you shouldn’t say anything. They’re probably already pretty sure you’re crazy; why spoil the fun of guessing?


*Giving me a good impression of her sense and intelligence, which lasted until I read her answer to the next question, where she basically said that a bridesmaid who has the nerve to dislike the dress she is being forced to purchase is probably fat and/or unhappy about being single, and is also a horrible whiny bitch who you should just stop being friends with. So, yeah, there’s that.

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