Daisy Bateman

House Hunters San Mateo

Guess the price!

3 bed, 2 bath, 1520 sq. ft

Description on Redfin:

Wood floors in master room and hallway are different from living and dining room and have multiple stains. No HVAC ducts in upper floors. About a 1 foot diameter sink in upper floor. Drainage from left of house appears to not have a path to the streets. Outlets are two prong only. Windows unable to open due to paint acting as a glue. Original kitchen.

Did you guess $678,888*? You’re right! I’m depressed!

*Think they might be targeting the Chinese market?

4 thoughts on “House Hunters San Mateo”

  1. Actually, depending on the neighborhood that's cheap. Try looking in Palo Alto or Mountin View if you really want to cry.

  2. I am from San Mateo. When I stumbled on this blog by way of Regretsy, I was delighted to land a good read alongside some welcome bits of nostalgia. I know exactly where you live (don't take that the wrong way!) and remember when the development was built. Anyway, thanks for reminding me why I settled elsewhere!


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