Daisy Bateman

Flying Shark Attacks Golf Course

Oh sure, the so-called authorities will claim it was dropped by a bird, but I think we all know the truth: At this moment, thousands of vicious, many-toothed man-eaters are preparing themselves for an aerial assault on our nations golfers, and there is a very real chance that we may not be there to watch. … Read more

Counterfeit Nazi Space Buddha!

Is there nothing left to believe in? The bad news: A statue of Buddha, alleged to have carved out of a meteorite in the 11th century and looted from Tibet by a Nazi expedition in the thirties is a 20th century counterfeit, was probably never looted by anyone. The good news: The meteorite part is … Read more

Chain Linking: The Next Big Thing

The following post comes to you thanks to the brilliant and fascinating author Camille Minichino who has generously invited me to join her in the following blog chain. The way this works: Each person gets the same ten questions about their next (or, in certain cases, theoretical first) book, which they must answer to the … Read more

A Sudden Descent Into Crass Commercialism

If you live in the Bay Area (and frankly, why wouldn’t you?), you’ve probably seen plenty of people wearing “The City” and “The Town” t-shirts, celebrating the nicknames of San Francisco and Oakland, respectively. I’ve always thought they’re great, but just a little limiting. Which is why, with the help of a contract design company … Read more

Happy Shoesday To Meeee

Having been started off with a pair of completely awesome poisonous-snake-print flats from my equally awesome husband, I have a feeling that the second half of my thirties is going to go just fine.

The Great Maple Syrup Heist: The Plot Thickens

We now interrupt your normal lack of programming to bring you exciting developments in the ongoing saga of the Great Maple Syrup heist: Canadian police report that they have potentially tracked some of the contraband to a syrup dealer in New Brunswick. The suspect sap has been confiscated for further study and it’s source is … Read more