Daisy Bateman

Taking It Outside

February, spring– potato, po-tah-to. Early blooms on our plum tree When we last saw the sprouts, they were getting dangerously close to outgrowing their containers. Fortunately, I was able to find them an area with a bit more space. The back yard, in its natural state. Unfortunately, said space is next to a house that … Read more

Just a Little Off the Top

Let’s check in on the garden, shall we? The chard is starting to look like chard: We got the heirloom “sideways” variety. The favas have joined the party: And the edamame came along too: The lettuces have been particularly enthusiastic: So much so that I decided to free up some space by clipping some leaves … Read more

I’m Sure It Made Sense at the Time

Despite its generally lightweight subject matter, never let it be said that this blog shies away from addressing the hard questions of the day. Such as: What is the song “Aces” by Suzy Bogguss actually about? I mean, it’s a great country song, all heartbreak and steel guitar, and the lyrics sound good, but the … Read more

What She Wore

Some people make the same resolutions every year, and they are not very interesting and no one really wants to hear about them.* Then there are people like my friend and coworker Fiona (aka The Queen of Noirs), who do things like resolve to spend an entire year wearing only the clothing she currently has … Read more

Giant Killer Everything

The problem with (best part of?) reading science news is how much of it would make awesomely terrible (terribly awesome?) book plots. For example: The First Sea MonsterTitle needs some work, but set that baby loose on an unsuspecting* seaside town and/or freighter filled with illicit cargo and dangerous characters and let the magic** begin! … Read more