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Ugly Clothes for Rich People XII

Hopping onto the single origin trend, I present to you a selection culled entirely from one store. You get a much better sense of the terroir, don’t you think?

Comme des Garcons cape, $1850

Fun prank: At some point during the day, suddenly look down and scream, “My arms! What happened to my arms!”

Ann Demeulemeester pants, $675

Look, if you can’t figure out how to make a pair of pants, there’s no shame in asking for help.

Junya Watanabe dress, $765

The fashion industry, having now used all of the conventional style icons approximately ten thousand times, has been forced to turn to your grandfather for inspiration.

Comme des Garcons skirt, $655

For only six hundred and fifty-five dollars, they will sell you a $40 skirt and tell you to put it on backwards. Because: Fashion!

Lavin dress, $3,470

Yep, you just paid more than three grand for an item that is basically indistinguishable from the bikini-body t-shirts they sell at the beach. Your mother must be so proud.

Balmain t-shirt

Look at this t-shirt. Eh, it looks fine. It’s a t-shirt. What’s there to get so excited about?

Okay, now look at it:

Balmain t-shirt, $665

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