Daisy Bateman

Thurscheese: Truffle Moliterno

All hail the champion!
Truffle Moliterno. Winner: Best Cheese

Granted, like most championships these days, this one was won with the help of an enhancing substance. In this case: A whole heaping bunch of ground up truffle. Not a light coat of truffle oil, not a sprinkling of dried powder, just deep veins of the stuff running through an otherwise pleasant firm sheep’s-milk cheese and elevating it to almost obscene decadence. You can smell it through the plastic wrap. You can practically smell it through the refrigerator door. This is not a bad thing.*
So, while the other cheeses write irate op-ed pieces about the need for improved testing standards, I’ll just be over here, truffling it up.
*It has been alleged that I emitted some sort of appreciative noises while consuming it, however these claims remain unsubstanciated.

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