Daisy Bateman

A Brief Tour of My New Office

Since it will never be this clean again. Needs more bookshelves. 1. Poster to cover oversized mirror on the wall.2. Oversized mirror.3. Hat.4. My grandmother’s roll-top desk.5. Chair the cat is supposed to sit on.6. Chair the cat actually sits on.7. Reading couch.8. Seedling starts for the garden. (Mostly cabbage.)

I Would Also Accept Shrubbery

I recently was in Santa Fe, where I had a chance to visit the Georgia O’Keefe museum. It’s a lovely place and I highly recommend it. They, quite reasonably, have a lot of restrictions on taking pictures of the paintings, but none at all for the quotes posted on the wall. This is about painting, … Read more

I Had Democracy Once. It Was Awful

Recently we had the occasion to go out of town for an anniversary trip, because it was our anniversary. Which was great for us, but less so for Rumpole, our cat, who had to spend an extended weekend in kitty jail. It’s actually a nice place, with play time and people who like cats very … Read more