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Confused Tomato: The Legacy

Once upon a time, I planted a tomato upside-down. It was not pleased. There was denial, there was determination; there was even a victory of sorts. But there wasn’t a whole lot of actual tomatoes.

Things are a little different now.

I wasn’t sure that this side of the bay, with its fog exposure, was going to be any good for growing tomatoes, but I was determined to try.

So were they.

In retrospect, I may not have needed to plant quite so many.

Thanks to the general weirdness of the climate around here (woo! Fogust is over!), the season is only now getting started, and most of my harvest so far has been the hybrid cherry tomatoes (sweet 100s).

See? They’re just shy.

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed by now that none of these plants are upside-down. That’s because, thanks to Confused Tomato, I now know that tomatoes are strict conformists when it comes to gravity-orientation, and to try and force my media-derived notions of technological progress on them is never going to end well.

They don’t mind the occasional stake, though, and they’re not afraid to get outside of the box.

We all need a little help making our way up sometimes.

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