Daisy Bateman

Blogging the Met: Fair Warning

Pictures of cats: Ancient Syrian Edition The Metropolitan Museum of Art has put its entire collection online. Naturally, I have decided to look at all of it.* Chronologically, of course. I’m in 8000-2000 B.C. right now, and it looks like this is going to take a while. I will be blogging as I go, of … Read more

Walk-Up Music Suggestions For the Oakland A’s: Weirdness Edition

Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics is my hero. Not because he is a talented player on my favorite baseball team; that’s a terrible reason to admire anyone.* But recently, and apparently on a whim, he decided to choose as his walk-out music “Careless Whisper,” that George-Michael-and-a-saxaphone classic about the long-term affects of guilt on your … Read more

Rogue Tomato Goes Rogue

Some people say that tomatoes are choosy, delicate plants requiring only the best in soils, nutrients, and growing conditions. Rogue tomato would beg to differ. You talkin’ to me? Rogue tomato sprouted from the seed of a fruit left to fall and sit on the ground through the winter because it was too gross to … Read more