Daisy Bateman

#MeetThe2020s Week 1

All this month, a group of people who have books coming out next year are doing a thing on twitter where we do short posts every day. But some people value their sanity and aren’t on twitter, so it is for you that I am providing this handy end-of-week wrap up.

Here’s the full schedule for the month:

On Monday, we started with a brief introduction to myself:

Tuesday was time to introduce the book:

Wednesday we dipped into my past:

On Thursday we took a break from the holiday festivities to talk about what I’m up to now:

Friday was every author’s favorite question:

Needless to say, Saturday was all about the booze:

And on Sunday we considered the setting:

There are some questions coming up that call for a longer answer, so watch this space, if you’re so inclined.


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