Daisy Bateman

Cheesy Plots With Daisy Bateman Vol. 4

THE NEWS Happy December? Another year of things we didn’t expect is coming to an end, and I’ve long since given up predicting what’s coming next. But something will! One thing that’s coming is book two in the Marketplace Mysteries series, A Dismal Harvest, set to arrive on March 15th, 2022. (That’s a date when … Read more

Cheesy Plots With Daisy Bateman Vol. 3

THE NEWS Happy October (barely!) and welcome to newsletter number 3. We’re a little short on news this time around, but still counting down to the release of A Dismal Harvest (Marketplace Mystery #2) on March 15th. It’s already available on Edelweiss, so if you’re a reviewer you can request it there. Also! Last week … Read more