Daisy Bateman

#MeetThe2020s Week 1

All this month, a group of people who have books coming out next year are doing a thing on twitter where we do short posts every day. But some people value their sanity and aren’t on twitter, so it is for you that I am providing this handy end-of-week wrap up. Here’s the full schedule … Read more

Dispatch From Malice Domestic

This year, for the first time, I went to Malice Domestic, an annual conference devoted to traditional mysteries and the people who love them. The Marriott was a great venue, but we didn’t exactly have the place to ourselves–On the same night as the opening party, a local high school was holding their prom in … Read more

Avocado and Banana Are Friends

Avocado: Yo.Banana: ‘Sup.Avocado: You new?Banana: Yup.Avocado: Mail order?Banana: Yup.Avocado: Cool. Same.Banana: Dude. How’s it here?Avocado: ‘S cool. Gets kinda hot.Banana: I’m into it.Avocado: Cool.Banana: . . .Avocado: . . .Banana: See you round?Avocado: Yup.

All the Things that Happened on S1E4 of American Idol: Group 1 Results Show

0:11 Opening credits. 0:43 Ryan and Brian are both wearing khakis. 2:04 Paula tries to deliver a zinger, fails badly. 4:23 I am reasonably confident that Ryan is NOT wearing a pukka shell necklace. 8:03 Tamyra Gray is the first person put through to the next round. 10:38 “Weakest Link” joke. 13:26 Ryan Starr gets … Read more