Daisy Bateman

The Issue of the Car

I think I’ve mentioned that this is going to be a driving trip, so one might assume that there would be a car involved. So far, one would be wrong. My primary problem is, while I do want to drive across the country, I’m not particularly interested in driving back. You see the problem. Also, … Read more

Prep work

I suspect that I may like planning trips more than I like going on them. Not that I don’t like travelling, obviously, but there’s just something about reading a guidebook. You stay in all the best hotels, eat all the best food and never get lost, sick or bored. Of course, you don’t actually go … Read more

The plan

So, here’s the plan. On March 31 I will depart the Bay Area, in a vehicle TBD, and head for Las Vegas. Assuming any of my lazy friends ever get around to responding to my evite, they will meet me there and we will have a weekend of fun and frolic and senseless loss of … Read more

Might as well get started

Okay, so it seems I’ve got the preliminaries out of the way; I guess I might as well start writing in this thing. Of course, the trip I mean to be writing about won’t start for more than a month, but I’ve never let a lack of anything to say keep me from saying it … Read more