Daisy Bateman

Not-Exactly-Live-Blogging American Idol Season 1 Episode 2: Not-Exactly-Hollywood Week

The first ever “Hollywood” Week was held in Pasadena, which is at least somewhat closer to being Hollywood than Anaheim is to being Los Angeles, so they’re already one up on a certain major league baseball team. Personally, I never cared much for Hollywood week, wherever it was located. There were rarely any memorable performances, … Read more

Welcome to Unseasonable Farm

Motto: “Why not plant potatoes in October?” Pictured but not visible: Recently sprouted parsnips. The favas are doing okay, but the peas are going to need some better support after the storm. Tiiimberrrr-peeaaas Probably the last pepper harvest, though, unless we get a run of warm weather. Not that I’m being smug or anything. Okay, … Read more

Thanks Be To Cat

As we prepare for this holiday season, let us not forget what it is truly about: Sending your cat to board at a place where they take vaguely seasonal pictures of him, and apparently give him a collar. What do you want from me?


Your vegetables will look approximately 372% more glamorous if you put them in a fancy gardening basket. Wheelbarrow optional. On a related note, does anyone know what I can do with three habaneros? That won’t kill me?

Blogging the Met: Sherds

(This post will make slightly more sense if you are familiar with this video.*) Sherds. Samarra, ca. mid-7th millennium B.C. Sherds. Early Harappan, early to mid-3rd millennium BC Oh my God, sherds. Predynastic Period, 3850-2960 BC Let’s get some sherds. Early Bronze Age, early 3rd millennium BC Let’s get some sherds. Early Dynastic Period, 3100-2649 BC … Read more