Daisy Bateman

Shoesday: Concatenation

The Story:Bad title? Yes, but it’s getting hard to do anything sans-catination around here, what with the wiliness and the claws. Also, he has taken to chewing clean through shoelaces*, which is why these (gold Missoni flats, thanks for asking), live safely in the shoe closet. *We are considering the possibility that he may actually … Read more

For Everything Else, There’s Puppies

Kitten, rescued from wild colony by Mom’s friend: $0Food, litter, toys and treats for kitten: $70Veterinarian visits for kitten: $180Bi-monthly baths/nail trims for kitten (to protect allergies and couch): $35/visitNew logic board for my laptop, to replace the one destroyed by kitten knocking over a glass of water onto it: $345Pet ownership: *$^&ing priceless