baseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseball BASEBALL!! (p.s. go A’s!) Update: Okay, not the best start. But hey, it’s a long season.

Notes From Arizona

1. The Phoenix Metropolitan area is very large, and sometimes they close large sections of their freeways for no apparent reason. 2. I wasn’t kidding about the strip mall thing. Despite that, it is surprisingly hard to find a grocery store around here. 3. I have the power to influence anyone to buy shoes, up … Read more

Baseball, Nachos, Sunburn

Daisy and Mom’s Baseball Adventure, now in its second day, and for the first time including actual baseball! Plus nachos and a sunburn. The baseball came courtesy of the A’s, playing an exhibition game against the Brewers. It was easily the most relaxed I have ever been at the ballpark, particularly compared to the last … Read more