Daisy Bateman

Shoesday: Boots, and a Bonus Rant

What can I say? I like a low-heeled brown leather boots. These are excellent for wearing under jeans, if a little Robin-Hood-esque with a skirt and tights. I considered buying green tights to go with, but I decided against. Another thing I’m against? Curved-sole shoes. Why do I oppose them? Well, they are ugly, stupid-looking … Read more


The old rule about having your bag match your shoes has been out of style for several years now, as the fashion world has discovered that non-identical accessories do not make one’s limbs burst into flames. Which is a shame, because I dream of the day when I am walking down the street and see … Read more

Okay, Seriously

PajamaJeans? Pajama Jeans? Isn’t this the sort of thing you dress a two-year-old in? Is there any sane person who would look at these and think they look like jeans? If someone wore these with Crocs, would my head explode? Please God, do not let this be the new Snuggie. Word of warning, if I … Read more