Hi, My Name Is. . .

Kitten! That’s right, in accordance with blogging rule 7, section 33a, subsection q, I am posting pictures of my cat. Specifically, of the new kitten captured by a friend of my mom’s from a colony of barn cats. Sex unknown, name as yet undetermined*, he or she is currently passing the time by hiding (somewhat … Read more

The Edgars

The Edgar Awards (named for Edgar Allen Poe, the founding father of the modern mystery story) are given every year by the Mystery Writers of America to, as they say, honor excellence in crime and mystery writing. I attended last year, in support of my Close Personal Friend Cornelia Read, who was nominated for best … Read more

The Edgars Project

New blog project! (Blogect? Prog?) For my next trick, I will be reading all the books that have won the Edgar Award for best novel in the history of the award. I got the idea from a suggestion for starting a book group to read every Pulitzer winner, which sounded educational but not like a … Read more