Daisy Bateman

Thanks Be To Cat

As we prepare for this holiday season, let us not forget what it is truly about: Sending your cat to board at a place where they take vaguely seasonal pictures of him, and apparently give him a collar. What do you want from me?

I Had Democracy Once. It Was Awful

Recently we had the occasion to go out of town for an anniversary trip, because it was our anniversary. Which was great for us, but less so for Rumpole, our cat, who had to spend an extended weekend in kitty jail. It’s actually a nice place, with play time and people who like cats very … Read more

New Camera!

Rumpole, Pensive That’s right, I’m using the fact that my poor, elderly Canon Powershot s410 finally gave up the ghost as my excuse for why there has been no Shoesday/Thurscheese/etc in the last week, and totally denying that it has anything to do with me being completely lazy. But now I have a new camera, … Read more

Locked On Target. Firing in 3, 2, 1. . .

Taking a break from the tomatoes (still growing, still flowering, still confused*) and bring you, the people of the internet, the one thing you can’t find anywhere else on this great series of tubes: cat pictures. This is Rumpole: He finds the plastic thing at the end of his string toy much more interesting than … Read more

Kitten: 3D!

THRILL as the claws come right at you! GASP at the whiskers protruding from your screen! DUCK as he attacks your head! No, seriously, duck. He got me full on the nose once while I was sleeping.