Daisy Bateman

Killer Shoes

As any good serial killer knows, the key to carrying off a successful murder is planning. That’s why these shoes are such a perfect gift for the up-and-coming psycho in your life: Wear these regularly for a few weeks before the big day, and no one will bat an eye when your rival for the … Read more

Coke Means Coke

Courtesy of the Utah Attorney General, a list of all of the slang terms used for methamphetamine. I’m partial to “The Jenny Crank Program.” Also, apparently, if you are walking around Wal-Mart for nine hours and don’t buy anything, you are “geeked.” No word on what you are if you do buy something. (Thanks to … Read more

Redwood City Crime Wave!

From my work email inbox this morning: “There have been reports that thieves have recently been stealing the catalytic converters of certain vehicles, especially Toyota pickup trucks and SUVs, in the Redwood City area. These thieves go under a target vehicle and quickly remove the converter with special tools. At least two such thefts have … Read more