Daisy Bateman

Coming Up For Air

Things I have been doing lately: Moving, preparing for a wedding, finishing up a massive work project.Things I have not been doing lately: Blogging, sleep. These things are not likely to change soon, but I did want to stop by and say hi and share some good news, now that the check has cleared: The … Read more

Shoesday: Back On My Feet

As I have mentioned, my foray into early-morning bootcamping left me with one moderately damaged Achilles tendon, which I have been slowly nursing back to health by not doing any running and coming up with reasons to avoid swimming. But break time is just about over, because I made it 45 minutes on the elliptical … Read more

I Am Lame

I had posts for both Winesday and Thurscheese planned, but they did not happen. I have no excuse. Perhaps I will pre-write them for next week, perhaps I won’t. Either way, I’m going to have to come up with some thing for tomorrow, or this is going to become a pattern.

One Flu Over the Tempura’s Nest

That’s right, once again I am depriving you fried, crispy (or perhaps soggy, depending) goodness, this time depending on the excuse of a bad head cold. Which, admittedly, is largely finished by now, aside from the constant and annoying need to depressurize my head and occasional coughing fit, but I feel that the lack of … Read more