Daisy Bateman

The Why-Files

Is clear plastic really that expensive?Outreach to the partial-foot-amputee community?Someone in the marketing department has a crippling fear of toes?Proactive recruiting at the Home for Disabled Mannequins?Final, definitive evidence that the fashion industry is run by aliens who do not fully understand the construction of the human body? Frankly, I’m stumped.

After a Fashion

Even for professionals, the world of fashion can be confusing sometimes. For example, recently a trend for “bib necklaces” cropped up, and has been doing brisk business among people who, when they wear a necklace, have no interest in doing the thing halfway. They vary from the cute to the ridiculous, but they do have … Read more


If there has been one clear winner in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, it is the Norwegian men’s curling team’s pants. Beloved by the media and approaching 250,000 Facebook fans, they are getting significantly more attention during these Games than all of the ski jumpers combined. And the best part? These cray EuroPants are actually the … Read more

Dillemma Solved!

Sometimes I wonder if I am too harsh in my thinking about the fashion industry and its totally irresponsible drive to push women towards insecurity and poor health for its own amusement, if perhaps I am being unfair and shrill and not all that interesting. And sometimes they make mannequins with visible ribs*: I think … Read more

The Hair Experiment: Day 1

If you read yesterday’s post, you are aware that I am not happy with my new haircut (for those with an allergy to clicking through, I will summarize: I got a new haircut, and I am not happy with it). But that was yesterday. And today, when I got up at nine-thirty and staggered past … Read more

New Year, New Hair

And, to tell the truth, I’m not very happy about it. Although, on the upside, it will probably end up saving me a lot of money. Allow me to explain. I’ve been going to the same, ruinously expensive, hairstylist for several years now. I like it because he does some sort of fancy coloring process … Read more

Project Hairway: The Return

Back by Popular Demand (by which I mean, Mary mentioned it), I bring you my traditional commentary on the new season of Project Runway, in which I judge the new crop of contestants strictly by their hair. I’m shallow, but consistent. Christopher Straub: Has grown a beard that outlines his face, without actually contributing anything … Read more