Daisy Bateman

Project Hairway 2

Project Runway is back, for its last season before the Lifetime crapocalypse! In honor of the event, I am returning with my tradition of judging the contestants by their hair:KellieBeehive, tattoos, black clothes– it’s kind of like if Amy Winehouse discovered deep conditioning and sandwiches. Joe“Hey, did you know there are guys who are, get … Read more

No, Really, I’m Feeling Fine

One of the handy things about being sick is that it gives other people something to talk to you about. For example, as I was arriving at work yesterday, I ran into my next-door cube neighbor Marie. She asked me if I was getting over my cold and I said yes, though I was still … Read more

Anatomy of a Fashion Disaster

I own a nearly shocking number of fabulous shoes. I shop with vim and purpose. I get my hair cut and colored at a fancy salon. And yet, deep in my heart, I know no matter what I do I can never be a truely stylish person, because I know that at one time I … Read more