Daisy Bateman

Lunchtime Tourism

Today I went out to lunch with a couple of my coworkers, to a place nearby that specializes in Hong Kong-style food. Melanie, who is from Hong Kong, chose it, which seemed like a pretty good guaranteer of authenticity, though I was a bit surprised by the garlic bread and minestrone soup they served as … Read more

Day 5- Hilo

Today’s Lesson: Curiosity may or may not have ever killed a cat, but it did make me eat the chocolate-covered squid. Our first day on the big island, and Megan and I split up again. It’s not that we aren’t getting along but, having covered career, family and relationships and, politics and religion being off … Read more

Pickled Apples

I was making some pickles the other day, because my dad is going to visit my grandfather in Florida, and he really likes my bread & butter pickles, and I ended up with some pickling juice left over. So,since I didn’t want to waste good pickling juice, I looked around the kitchen and said to … Read more