Daisy Bateman

Welcome to Unseasonable Farm

Motto: “Why not plant potatoes in October?” Pictured but not visible: Recently sprouted parsnips. The favas are doing okay, but the peas are going to need some better support after the storm. Tiiimberrrr-peeaaas Probably the last pepper harvest, though, unless we get a run of warm weather. Not that I’m being smug or anything. Okay, … Read more

Confused Tomato: The Legacy

Once upon a time, I planted a tomato upside-down. It was not pleased. There was denial, there was determination; there was even a victory of sorts. But there wasn’t a whole lot of actual tomatoes. Things are a little different now. I wasn’t sure that this side of the bay, with its fog exposure, was going … Read more

Off Plum

As we move deeper into spring, the plum tree has stopped flowering: See you next year, flowers. And started plumming: The early fruit often comes in out of focus. It seems to be developing a lot of plums: Look closely; they’re there. Looks like I’m going to have to come up with things to do … Read more

Taking It Outside

February, spring– potato, po-tah-to. Early blooms on our plum tree When we last saw the sprouts, they were getting dangerously close to outgrowing their containers. Fortunately, I was able to find them an area with a bit more space. The back yard, in its natural state. Unfortunately, said space is next to a house that … Read more


Kale Spinach Lettuces (mixed) Beets Chard (of the rare, heritage “blurry” variety) Fava Bean (related to the chard) Edamame Nanogreens Salad: 1. Pick desired greens. Use tweezers if necessary. 2. Prepare dressing:300 ul Extra Virgin Olive Oil100 ul Red Wine Vinegar 20 ul Dijon Mustard500 ng salt20 ng pepper (finely ground) 3. Add dressing to … Read more

The Garden Plot

(One of my resolutions for this year is to post on this blog more often. Also, no drinking on weeknights.) This week in last month’s news: We bought a house! It is lovely and very large. I feel a bit weird posting pictures of the front of it online*, but here’s a shot of the … Read more