Daisy Bateman

Avocado and Banana Are Friends

Avocado: Yo.Banana: ‘Sup.Avocado: You new?Banana: Yup.Avocado: Mail order?Banana: Yup.Avocado: Cool. Same.Banana: Dude. How’s it here?Avocado: ‘S cool. Gets kinda hot.Banana: I’m into it.Avocado: Cool.Banana: . . .Avocado: . . .Banana: See you round?Avocado: Yup.


Your vegetables will look approximately 372% more glamorous if you put them in a fancy gardening basket. Wheelbarrow optional. On a related note, does anyone know what I can do with three habaneros? That won’t kill me?

Rogue Tomato Goes Rogue

Some people say that tomatoes are choosy, delicate plants requiring only the best in soils, nutrients, and growing conditions. Rogue tomato would beg to differ. You talkin’ to me? Rogue tomato sprouted from the seed of a fruit left to fall and sit on the ground through the winter because it was too gross to … Read more

Confused Tomato: The Legacy

Once upon a time, I planted a tomato upside-down. It was not pleased. There was denial, there was determination; there was even a victory of sorts. But there wasn’t a whole lot of actual tomatoes. Things are a little different now. I wasn’t sure that this side of the bay, with its fog exposure, was going … Read more

Just a Little Off the Top

Let’s check in on the garden, shall we? The chard is starting to look like chard: We got the heirloom “sideways” variety. The favas have joined the party: And the edamame came along too: The lettuces have been particularly enthusiastic: So much so that I decided to free up some space by clipping some leaves … Read more

Log Out

You can’t say I didn’t try. I gave it two rounds of soaking in the recommended dechlorinated ice water, a paper bag over it to keep it damp and its very own plate to stand on and hardly bothered it at all, no matter how much I wanted to know if it was working. But, … Read more

Ballad* of the Mushroom Log

Sometimes, when the weather is nice on a weekend day, Cameron and I take some reading material and a bottle of wine and go sit out on the patio, to enjoy the sunshine and the view of the WheelWorks across the street. And sometimes, when the weather is nice for an unusually long time and … Read more

Pepper Pot

It’s not just tomatoes and herbs in the garden here. I mean, it is, mostly, but we have a couple of pepper plants too. Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced their tags, so I’m not sure what kind of peppers these are, but I did remember enough to know that I was supposed to wait for them to … Read more