Daisy Bateman

The Hair Experiment: Day 4

Materials & Methods: Same as Day 1, parted on the opposite side. Eyes closed because I’m looking directly into the sun. Eyeshadow from Abigail’s Christmas present. It’s just like: Looking in a mirror. Conclusions: I thought that maybe the hairdresser had cut it so it would look better parted on the left, because when he … Read more

The Hair Experiment: Day 3

Materials & Methods: Dried straight, pulled back with clips and Amrita Singh headband. Results: Generally positive, does emphasize the fact that my head is more square than not. Makes me look like: Princess Sparkle Conclusions: Anything that sends me on twenty minutes of looking at eighties toys can’t be all bad. Anyone else remember Sweet … Read more

The Hair Experiment: Day 2

Contrary to what the guy at Peets said this morning, I don’t think this is going well. Materials & Methods: Rubbed a small amount of Bumble&Bumble curl cream on my hands and scrunched it through my hair while drying on the low setting. Results: Not so much with the curls. Could generously be called “wavy.” … Read more

The Hair Experiment: Day 1

If you read yesterday’s post, you are aware that I am not happy with my new haircut (for those with an allergy to clicking through, I will summarize: I got a new haircut, and I am not happy with it). But that was yesterday. And today, when I got up at nine-thirty and staggered past … Read more

New Year, New Hair

And, to tell the truth, I’m not very happy about it. Although, on the upside, it will probably end up saving me a lot of money. Allow me to explain. I’ve been going to the same, ruinously expensive, hairstylist for several years now. I like it because he does some sort of fancy coloring process … Read more