Now, What?

In case anyone is wondering/has noticed my extended absence from this space, I thought I should take a moment to drop in and explain. At the end of last month I was laid off from my job (along with about a third of the other people at our site) (some of whom were then un-fired) … Read more

The Lost Weekend

Lost to madness and debauchery? To an impromptu trip to Vegas that ended with a near-arrest at the Neon Graveyard with a half-dozen Elvis impersonators, an aging showgirl and three German tourists? To that spot behind the dresser where the cat likes to put things? No, to Salmonella poisoning*. We were going to spend this … Read more

Shoesday: The Relocation

“Huh,” you are saying to yourself right about now. “That doesn’t look like the usual high-quality Shoesday picture, complete with feet. Also, it’s Thursday. What gives?” “Cut me a break,” I snap. “I’ve only spent the last week moving into a new apartment, where we don’t have internet yet, so I can’t blog from my … Read more

New Year, New Hair

And, to tell the truth, I’m not very happy about it. Although, on the upside, it will probably end up saving me a lot of money. Allow me to explain. I’ve been going to the same, ruinously expensive, hairstylist for several years now. I like it because he does some sort of fancy coloring process … Read more