Daisy Bateman

The Evolution of an Idea

I was surfing through the movie listings on my Tivo (what, like you have something better to do on a Saturday night?) and I came across listings for all five “Death Wish” movies. I would like to share their synopses here, for their instructional value in what they say about the creative process: Death Wish: … Read more

Oscar Blogging

5:35: Is this thing on?5:43: Okay, it’s working but it’s slow. So far so good, Jon Stewart’s monologue was funny, and he didn’t get too hung up on politics. So far we’ve had beer and a humus platter, but no popcorn because they were out by the time we got to the front of the … Read more

The Pop Culture Superbowl

That’s right, it’s Oscar season again. (I wonder what kind of shot you load for that?) This year I’m doing something different; going to the fine Cerrito Theater, home of good popcorn and a wide selection of beers, to watch the show on the big screen with a bunch of like-minded folks, most notably Mary … Read more

The Twelve Dollar Bowl of Popcorn

Last Sunday, Mary and I went shopping in the city. Makeup was tried on, shoes were bought, and a general good time was had. But by the end of the afternoon we found ourselves tired and in need of sustenance and, it being not quite dinnertime, we decided to stop for a drink. We ended … Read more

Big Dumb Movie Goes Boom

Last night I went to see “Live Free Or Die Hard”, possibly the best movie ever to be adapted from the New Hampshire state motto. A refreshingly retro movie-going experience, entirely free of people flying through the air, or morphing into something else, or having long conversations with characters who weren’t added until post-production. There … Read more

Good Trailer, Bad Trailer

Recently, I went to see Ratatouille (excellent movie, by the way) and, of course, there were plenty of trailers to watch before the feature. This one made me very happy: I think I’m already in love with that robot. And then there was this one, which made me question my sanity: Because, to me, making … Read more

YouTube Friday: Music And Lyrics

My favorite thing about JetBlue, aside from the blue potato chips, is the tv screens at every seat that let you pick what you want to watch, rather than being stuck getting sucked in to whatever they’re showing on the little screens in the middle of the aisle. Unfortunately, on this latest trip, I was … Read more

Belated Oscars Commentary

Now that it’s a couple of days later, and everybody is completely over the Oscars, I think it’s about time I weighed in with my thoughts. (In the form of a bulleted list, because that’s always fun.) – Ellen: Did pretty well as host, really, one of the more thankless jobs going. Think about it; … Read more