Daisy Bateman


If there has been one clear winner in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, it is the Norwegian men’s curling team’s pants. Beloved by the media and approaching 250,000 Facebook fans, they are getting significantly more attention during these Games than all of the ski jumpers combined. And the best part? These cray EuroPants are actually the … Read more

Who I am Cheering For in the Olympics And How I Chose Them

Geographical Proximity:1. USA: USA! USA!2. Canada: USA! US– OK, no. But close enough.3. Mexico: North America! North America! Personal Heritage:4. Lithuania: Two great-grandparents. Not a huge contender, though surprisingly strong in, of all things, basketball.5. Switzerland: One great-grandfather, distant relatives still living there. Seem to turn up in rowing and equestrian events.6. Ireland: One great-great … Read more

Shiny Little Gymnast Butts

Lately, in what appears to be an unanticipated side-effect of watching way too much Olympics, I have been having a small problem with the random appearance of gymnast butts. Not that they’re stalking me or something; I don’t go through the day fearful that any moment a spandex-clad and unnervingly firm hind end will jump … Read more

The Olympic Beavers

Today’s Olympian Of The Day: Keith Beavers. He is, of course, from Canada. It’s not that I’m here to take cheap shots at someone’s name, I just wonder, what if that isn’t a name so much as a descriptor? What if Canada, having run out of actual people to enter in the Olympic games, dressed … Read more

Olympics ’08

Of course, it would happen that my (highly enjoyable) trip would coincide with the beginning of one of my other favorite things, the Summer Olympics. And since it didn’t seem quite right to spend my vacation holed up in the room watching fencing, I put my faith in my Tivo and headed out. Which is … Read more

Label Me

Just arising from my flu-induced torpor to note that I have added links to all the post labels for the blog to the sidebar. Now if you want to read everything I’ve ever written about the Olympics or stolen from other blogs, they’re just a click away. Why would you want to do that? Well, … Read more

The Closing Ceremony

The return of the Flaming Rollerbladers! Whew. For a minute there I thought things were going to get classy.It is only through great force of will that I am not making fun of the outfits worn by the Italian military band, because that would be Culturally Insensitive.Aah! Clowns with band instruments! Playing YMCA! How did … Read more


This was supposed to be the men’s 50k cross-country race, but instead I get two hours of rehashed commentary, 1.5 hours of which is devoted to figure skating. What a rip-off. Update: Okay, never mind. They’re showing it now.