Daisy Bateman

What She Wore

Some people make the same resolutions every year, and they are not very interesting and no one really wants to hear about them.* Then there are people like my friend and coworker Fiona (aka The Queen of Noirs), who do things like resolve to spend an entire year wearing only the clothing she currently has … Read more

The Ultimate Purpose of the Internet

What do people like even more than talking about the weather? Reading what other people are thinking about the weather! At least, I’m assuming that’s what the people at the Weather Channel website were thinking when they introduced this feature. On the one hand, I guess it might be useful to have all of the … Read more


Someone over at the fine mystery-writers’ blog The Ladykillers must have suffered at least a minor  head injury recently, because they asked me to stop by today and blog about the weather. Naturally, I made it about shoes. And gave it a weird title. Please stop by to offer your comments and condolences, and talk … Read more

The Tomatoes Are Coming! Maybe!

That’s right, after all this time and all these blog posts, there are actual tomatoes on my tomato plants. I know, I can’t believe it either. Specifically, there are four tomatoes, each on a different plant. This is not, I have to admit, the kind of generous bounty I was anticipating when I planted them. … Read more

greettings to You, Good freind

Ever get one of those Nigerian scam emails– or, say, fifty in a day– and wish there was some way to get back at these people, for their blatant dishonesty and apparently very low opinion of your intelligence? Good news: there is. Even better news: there is a website devoted to publishing the often-amusing, occasionally-disturbing … Read more

Introducing: Alphabracket

This year, inspired by a contest on another blog, I created my first-ever bracket for the March Madness. I am not what you would call a serious basketball fan*, so I have no idea which teams are likely to win, or why. But sheer randomness in my picks would never do; I would never remember … Read more