Daisy Bateman

Welcome to Unseasonable Farm

Motto: “Why not plant potatoes in October?” Pictured but not visible: Recently sprouted parsnips. The favas are doing okay, but the peas are going to need some better support after the storm. Tiiimberrrr-peeaaas Probably the last pepper harvest, though, unless we get a run of warm weather. Not that I’m being smug or anything. Okay, … Read more

Thanks Be To Cat

As we prepare for this holiday season, let us not forget what it is truly about: Sending your cat to board at a place where they take vaguely seasonal pictures of him, and apparently give him a collar. What do you want from me?

A Brief Tour of My New Office

Since it will never be this clean again. Needs more bookshelves. 1. Poster to cover oversized mirror on the wall.2. Oversized mirror.3. Hat.4. My grandmother’s roll-top desk.5. Chair the cat is supposed to sit on.6. Chair the cat actually sits on.7. Reading couch.8. Seedling starts for the garden. (Mostly cabbage.)

Spring Shoes

Enough of this. Let’s look at some shoes. Ooh! Manolo Blahnik Ah! Alberto Moretti-Arfango Whee! Loeffler Randall Hey! Kate Spade Wha? Sigh. Balenciaga Ha! Maison Martin Margiela Whoa. Sergio Rossi Ow! Christian Louboutin

Look! Up In the Sky!

A little excitement at work this morning, as it turned out our building was directly on the path the Endeavor flyby. Naturally, everyone in the office park came out to watch: (Not pictured: A whole bunch more people, including a group on the roof.) We waited, and looked at the sky, and waited some more, … Read more