Daisy Bateman

New Poll: What Do You Hate About Your Hair?

I have what is known as “wavy” hair. You know those TV ads where the women have hair flows in long shiny waves that they flip around in bright sunshiney places full of flowers? That’s not what my hair is like. In this context, for “wavy,” read “does whatever it damn well pleases, even if … Read more

The Votes Are In

And the answer is clear. What the American People want in their tropical drinks is: More Alcohol Followed closely by “Skewer With Fruit”, which is itself followed closely by “Paper Umbrella”, which is in turn followed at a close range by “Actual Umbrella”. In a surprising upset, it would appear that the American People do … Read more

Super Thursday!

Hurry! Only 37 minutes left to vote in the all-important “best thing to put in a tropical drink” poll! Unless you’re reading this later in the day! Then there will be less time! Or possibly none!

Entrance Poll

Thanks to a new feature on Blogger, I can now easily add a poll to my sidebar. For the first one I have chosen a topic near and dear to my heart; indeed, to anyone who has ever gotten a little silly with their drink orders while on vacation. Vote early, vote often! The future … Read more