Kale Spinach Lettuces (mixed) Beets Chard (of the rare, heritage “blurry” variety) Fava Bean (related to the chard) Edamame Nanogreens Salad: 1. Pick desired greens. Use tweezers if necessary. 2. Prepare dressing:300 ul Extra Virgin Olive Oil100 ul Red Wine Vinegar 20 ul Dijon Mustard500 ng salt20 ng pepper (finely ground) 3. Add dressing to … Read more

Experiment: Soup

Who doesn’t occasionally look at the assembled goods in their kitchen and pantry and think, “What the heck, I’ll make soup”? Sane people, probably. But they’re missing out. 1. Assemble the ingredients Two half-empty bottles flat beer, 1/2 package salt pork, 1/2 bundle dinosaur kale, 1 shallot (purchased), container of lentils, 2 cartons expired chicken … Read more