Daisy Bateman

Giant Killer Everything

The problem with (best part of?) reading science news is how much of it would make awesomely terrible (terribly awesome?) book plots. For example: The First Sea MonsterTitle needs some work, but set that baby loose on an unsuspecting* seaside town and/or freighter filled with illicit cargo and dangerous characters and let the magic** begin! … Read more

The Origin of the Cheeses

In what is clearly the greatest discovery of the decade, scientists have recently identified the world’s earliest known cheese-making equipment. Apparently, it existed 7,500 years ago and would have tasted something like mozzarella. No word yet on whether primitive deep fryers or marinara sauce were found in the vicinity.

Counterfeit Nazi Space Buddha!

Is there nothing left to believe in? The bad news: A statue of Buddha, alleged to have carved out of a meteorite in the 11th century and looted from Tibet by a Nazi expedition in the thirties is a 20th century counterfeit, was probably never looted by anyone. The good news: The meteorite part is … Read more

Truth In Advertising

If there’s one thing you learn in the course of a career in science, it’s the importance of labeling things clearly: Key line from the description: “These comfy t-shirts are a great way to reward staff and have a little fun in the lab.” On the plus side, I guess it’s better than just sticking … Read more

Friday Fun Time!

No shoes this week, because I’m sneaking out early to head to the foothills to go drink wine with a bunch of people dressed like pirates* who may or may not be wearing tasteful boots.** Instead, I give you a Tour Of Things On The Internet. Are these people serious? Because, on the one hand, … Read more

Air Squid!

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the water. Key chilling quote: “We now think there are dozens of species that do it. Squid are used to gliding in the water, so the same physiology probably allows them to maneuver and glide in the air. When you look at some of … Read more