Daisy Bateman

Shoefinder: Holiday Edition

Going to a holiday party this year? You’re going to need some shoes. That’s where I come in. For the giant family gathering where you will spend most of the time chasing tiny nieces and nephews around the living room with a nerf gun, because you want them to revere you as the awesome aunt … Read more

Shoefinder: I Believe in Summer

I know that right now, for many of us, hot and dry weather seems like a dim and distant possibility, but I believe that the time will come*, and when it comes we are going to be wanting to spend as much time as possible in sandals. I also believe that Nordy’s has a pretty … Read more

Shoefinder: Sophie’s New Book

 Shoefinder: It’s Not Just For Shoes Anymore Today we have our first repeat visitor to the Shoefinder world, and this time we are going Beyond Shoes*. Sophie Littlefield, cross-genre author extraordinaire, has a new YA book coming out and we are going to help her develop a look to go with it. The book is … Read more

Shoefinder: Jora On Her Feet

After a brief summer hiatus, Shoefinder has returned, and today we will be finding shoes for Jora: Jora has a fine job as a firmware engineer, working in what I believe is the “small things that sometimes go ‘beep’” field, and for some reason her employers have seen fit to give her a standing workstation. … Read more

Shoefinder: David

(Apologies for the wonky text formatting in this post; the new blogger photo thing is being entirely obnoxious.) Something new this week: Our first ever pirate! Also, he’s a dude. David is not looking for any shoes in particular, just “interesting ones” and he does have some parameters. Specifically, that along with being interesting, they … Read more

Shoefinder: Wedding Blues for Robin

We have another bridal request today, coming from Robin, who lives in Oklahoma City, a place where regular people can simply go and buy houses, without selling a kidney or anything. This frees them up to have a lot of time to pose next to celebrity handprints:  And think about what kinds of shoes they … Read more