Daisy Bateman

Spring Shoes

Enough of this. Let’s look at some shoes. Ooh! Manolo Blahnik Ah! Alberto Moretti-Arfango Whee! Loeffler Randall Hey! Kate Spade Wha? Sigh. Balenciaga Ha! Maison Martin Margiela Whoa. Sergio Rossi Ow! Christian Louboutin

The Why-Files

Is clear plastic really that expensive?Outreach to the partial-foot-amputee community?Someone in the marketing department has a crippling fear of toes?Proactive recruiting at the Home for Disabled Mannequins?Final, definitive evidence that the fashion industry is run by aliens who do not fully understand the construction of the human body? Frankly, I’m stumped.

Let’s Do Some Math!

Drugs – People = Money Drugs – Money = Huffing Whipped Cream Cans at Safeway (People – Money + Drugs)*Dignity^-1 = VH1 People – Pictures + Words = Newsweek People – Words + Pictures = Star People + People = Hell Money + Money = Problems + Problems Money + Money + Money = Must … Read more

Palate Cleanser

While I prepare another round of sartorial horrors for your viewing pleasure, let’s all look at this and remind ourselves that yes, there still are beautiful things in the world: Miu Miu Buckle Strap Sandal There. I feel better already.

When Bad Marketing Happens to Good Shoes

As I may have mentioned here, I am at the moment completely in love with Timberland’s line of women’s casual shoes*, a fact which will become even more clear on Shoesdays to come. Because, seriously, what’s not to love? Sturdy, comfortable, nice to look at and (as far as I can tell) reasonably waterproof. Price-wise … Read more