Daisy Bateman

Happy Shoesday To Meeee

Having been started off with a pair of completely awesome poisonous-snake-print flats from my equally awesome husband, I have a feeling that the second half of my thirties is going to go just fine.

Shoesday: Let’s Party

I really need to recharge my camera battery and stop using my cell phone for these. In preparation for the holiday-shoes-you-should-buy-and-tell-me-about post I am planning for later in this week, I thought I’d share some party-ready boots of my own. These are Sigerson Morrison, from my recent, largely successful quest to buy up all of … Read more

Shoesday: Back Down to Earth(keepers)

(Note on the post title: When I started writing this, I thought these shoes were from Timberland’s Earthkeepers collection. They’re not, but I forgot to change the title before I posted it. These things happen.) After last week’s flight of fanciness, I thought it would be a good idea to get back to something a … Read more

Shoesday: For Whom the Belle Ships

Hey, I said I was stocking up. Acquired: One pair of shiny black Belle by Sigerson Morrison flats, as a guard against the coming flatpocalypse. They’ll be perfect once I add the padded heel inserts necessary for my bony mutant heels from trying to chew their way to freedom, and blisters.

Shoesday: The Wrong Goodbye

If there is one truth in life, it is that loss is the only constant. So it is with inappropriately maudlin blog post openings, and so also with shoe brands. One of my favorites, Sigerson Morrison (along with its spinoff line, Belle) has just fired its founders/designers/namesakes, and I am moving ahead with the assumption … Read more

Shoesday: Gap Junctions

I don’t know what happened with me and The Gap. For most of my teenage years and well into my twenties they provided the majority of my wardrobe. Eventually, I did transition somewhat to Banana Republic (my brief foray into the goods from Old Navy is best left undiscussed), but then, like a friend who … Read more

Shoesday: I Know Why the Caged Foot Sings

Or, Summertime, And The Walking Is Sweaty Sometimes, you have to compromise. Sure, you might want to move into a treehouse, live on Pixi Sticks and sleep until four every day, but since your employer, dentist and reality won’t accept that you settle for surreptitiously picking your nose during meetings. It’s the same for me … Read more

Shoesday: A Doll’s Shoes

Ibsen would be proud. I know what you must be thinking.”Wow,” you’re saying to yourself. “Those are some seriously rockin’ shoes Daisy has got there.” (These days, you think in ironic hipster slang. No, I don’t know why.) “But her legs look kind of funny. Has she lost weight? And why is the pile on … Read more

Shoesday: Tax-Season Boot Time

With a little less than a week to go in the surprisingly-elongated tax season, (Let’s hear it for Emancipation Day!) I think it’s about time to take a break and contemplate some boots.* Like taxes, they are surprisingly high and will be in effect whether the government shuts down or not. Unlike taxes, they have … Read more