Daisy Bateman

Shoesday: Concatenation

The Story:Bad title? Yes, but it’s getting hard to do anything sans-catination around here, what with the wiliness and the claws. Also, he has taken to chewing clean through shoelaces*, which is why these (gold Missoni flats, thanks for asking), live safely in the shoe closet. *We are considering the possibility that he may actually … Read more

Shoetember Finale: The Meaning of Shoes

I have to say, I never expected this to be hard. Hey, just throw some shoe pictures on the blog, tell some stories about them, instant success! Or something. Anyways, it’s been good. So, why shoes? What is the point, anyway? What’s it all about, Pucci? Shoes are the least cruel branch of fashion. Not … Read more

Shoetember: Of Travels Past and Future

Brand: Lulu GuinnessPurchased: Lulu Guinness boutiqueMaterials: Leather, CrystalsWork Wearability: Nope Notes: I bought these the first time I went to New York as an adult, before Lisa moved there or Cornelia was nominated for an Edgar Award, at the very charming Lulu Guinness boutique in the West Village. I agonized over the purchase, but I … Read more

Shoetember: Two for Tuesday: It’s a Death Traps Party, Who Could Ask For More

Brand: Belle by Sigerson MorrisonPurchased: BloomingdalesMaterial: LeatherWork Wearability: Good Brand: Cynthia VincentPurchased: Gilt GroupeMaterial: LeatherWork Wearability: Not for this job. . . Notes: I’ll say it right up front: This post has far less to do with the shoes than it does with shameless self-promotion. But the shoes do tie in, so it’s okay. As … Read more

Shoetember: I Am Nothing If Not Sincere in My Flattery

Brand: Ralph LaurenPurchased: Bloomingdale’sMaterials: Fabric, RubberWork Wearability: Good Notes: I admit my shoe inspirations are not always entirely original. I believe I picked up the Sigerson Morrison obsession from Lisa, leading to the somewhat amusing moment when we discovered that we owned the exact same pair of kitten-heel slingbacks (not pictured, yet) and my first … Read more

Shoetember: These Boots Were Made For. . . Well, What Do You Think They Were Made For?

Brand: TimberlandPurchased: Timberland Outlet, Gilroy Outlet MallMaterials: Fabric, Leather, RubberWork Wearability: Why Not? Notes: You wouldn’t know it now, heck, I forget sometimes, but there was a time when the outdoors was a major activity of mine. I am not one hundred percent sure how this happened, but I suspect my parents were involved. I … Read more

Shoetember: Be Prepared. And Shiny.

Brand: Christian LacroixPurchased: DSW, Clearance BasementMaterial: Leather (Golden, With Rainbows)Work Wearability: Eh, Why Not? Notes: Some people, many people, might question why one would need to have a vast wardrobe of shoes. To which I might respond, “need” is such an interesting word, a word that can mean so many things. Or I might say, … Read more

Shoetember: Title Goes Here

Brand: AldoPurchased: AldoMaterials: Fabric, PlasticWork Wearability: Quite good Notes: You know, this is actually starting to get hard. If you had told me I wouldn’t be able to sustain thirty days of writing about shoes and myself, two of my very favorite topics, I would have found that unlikely to be true. But here we … Read more