Daisy Bateman

Shoetember: Two for Tuesday: It’s a Death Traps Party, Who Could Ask For More

Brand: Belle by Sigerson MorrisonPurchased: BloomingdalesMaterial: LeatherWork Wearability: Good Brand: Cynthia VincentPurchased: Gilt GroupeMaterial: LeatherWork Wearability: Not for this job. . . Notes: I’ll say it right up front: This post has far less to do with the shoes than it does with shameless self-promotion. But the shoes do tie in, so it’s okay. As … Read more

Shoetember: I Am Nothing If Not Sincere in My Flattery

Brand: Ralph LaurenPurchased: Bloomingdale’sMaterials: Fabric, RubberWork Wearability: Good Notes: I admit my shoe inspirations are not always entirely original. I believe I picked up the Sigerson Morrison obsession from Lisa, leading to the somewhat amusing moment when we discovered that we owned the exact same pair of kitten-heel slingbacks (not pictured, yet) and my first … Read more

Shoetember: These Boots Were Made For. . . Well, What Do You Think They Were Made For?

Brand: TimberlandPurchased: Timberland Outlet, Gilroy Outlet MallMaterials: Fabric, Leather, RubberWork Wearability: Why Not? Notes: You wouldn’t know it now, heck, I forget sometimes, but there was a time when the outdoors was a major activity of mine. I am not one hundred percent sure how this happened, but I suspect my parents were involved. I … Read more

Shoetember: Title Goes Here

Brand: AldoPurchased: AldoMaterials: Fabric, PlasticWork Wearability: Quite good Notes: You know, this is actually starting to get hard. If you had told me I wouldn’t be able to sustain thirty days of writing about shoes and myself, two of my very favorite topics, I would have found that unlikely to be true. But here we … Read more