Daisy Bateman

Do You Have Too Many Piles Of Cash Lying Around?

Think you’ve run out of pointless things to waste money on? Worried that somewhere out there, someone is being less frugal than you? Unsure if there are any sports left that do not have ridiculously overpriced equipment? My friend, let me introduce you to the one-hundred-and-thirty-six-dollar, carbon-fiber ping pong paddle: The battle for rumpus-room supremacy … Read more

Introducing: Alphabracket

This year, inspired by a contest on another blog, I created my first-ever bracket for the March Madness. I am not what you would call a serious basketball fan*, so I have no idea which teams are likely to win, or why. But sheer randomness in my picks would never do; I would never remember … Read more

When Guys Shop

Fun fact about me: I have no ability to estimate the actual size of a thing based on the dimensions. This has led to certain problems, specifically in the area of buying earrings online. (Honestly, why do they make those things so huge? Do they think we have steel-reinforced earlobes?) So it was that when … Read more

Real Athletic Event I Am Totally Not Making Up

The International Yoga Asana Championship* 2009 International Yoga Asana Championship from Mike McInnis on Vimeo. (Warning: Prolonged exposure to the accompanying music may cause brain damage. And the reggae is kind of a surprise.) I wonder, what is the smack-talking like at a yoga championship?“You call that meditation?”“My grandmother could align her chakras better than … Read more