Daisy Bateman

The Tempura Grail

Way back, lost now in the mists of blog, I was on a mission to find the best tempura in San Mateo. I was thorough, nearly exhaustive, but though I had some decent examples of the dish, nothing rose to the level of the tempura of my dreams. Which was a disappointment, if not really … Read more

One Flu Over the Tempura’s Nest

That’s right, once again I am depriving you fried, crispy (or perhaps soggy, depending) goodness, this time depending on the excuse of a bad head cold. Which, admittedly, is largely finished by now, aside from the constant and annoying need to depressurize my head and occasional coughing fit, but I feel that the lack of … Read more

Moibus Tempura

Maru Maru213 2nd St.San Mateo I thought I was almost done. I had three more restaurants to try and then I was going to tie this little project up with a bow and call it a day. That was manageable. I could do that. And then, while I was looking for parking near one of … Read more

On The Twelfth Day of Tempura

Fuji Sukiyaki428 E. 3rd Ave.San Mateo, CA I was nearly done with my dinner– a definitely above-average offering at a mostly-empty place across the Caltrain tracks from the main part of the downtown– when I started to get the feeling I had forgotten something. But what? I had my tempura and my sashimi. I had … Read more

Temp(ura) Work

Tenka Japanese Restaurant246 S. B StSan Mateo, CA I think, at this point, I may have fallen victim to the malaise that seems to strike almost every reviewer after continual exposure to the thing they are reviewing. I still like tempura, I think, and anyway I have come far enough in this misguided project that … Read more

Return to Tempura Island

I realize I allowed my tempura-based obligations to lapse last week; it happened to be a week when life decided to punch me in the face a couple of times, and I thought it might have affected my taste buds. Also, I didn’t feel like it. Hotaru Japanese Restaurant33 E 3rd AveSan Mateo I keep … Read more

Tempura Thursday IIX: Back to San Mateo

Restaurant Mutsu279 Baldwin Ave.San Mateo, CA Tonight my primary criterion for choosing a restaurant was parking. It was starting to rain and, being me, I hadn’t bothered to wear any sort of jacket, so I wasn’t about to take a spot three blocks away from where I was going. Which meant the main drag downtown … Read more