Daisy Bateman

Friday Bonus Tempura

Sugata Japanese Restaurant1105 Solano Ave.Albany, CA As you may have noticed, this week’s tempura tasting is taking place outside of my usual range. As it happens, this week was rather busy, and before I knew it, it was Friday (today). And since I had an appointment to get my hair cut today in Berkeley (hey, … Read more

Leap Tempura!

Izakaya Mai Restaurant212 2nd Ave I write this while watching American Idol, which might just seem like another example of me admitting to my failings for the sake of the blog, but in this case is actually relevant. You see, a lot of the time you can tell just by looking at a contestant if … Read more

Why Tempura?

It’s a reasonable question, if not one that anyone has actually asked me. But I’m going to answer it anyway. The way I see it, there are two trains of reasoning behind my choice of test dishes; I’ll call them “rational” and “emotional”, because that’s what they are. My rational reasoning is fairly straightforward. The … Read more

Tempurapalooza 2008: The Saga Continues

California Roll41 E. 4th AveSan Mateo, CA Last week, while I was having my dinner, I was able to pretend fairly convincingly that I was an expat, living in Tokyo, eating at the neighborhood restaurant around the corner from my tiny furnished apartment. Tonight, with the couple to my right discussing Flickr and the band … Read more

TempuraQuest 2: The Sequel

Oidon Restaurant71 E 4th AveSan Mateo, CA Another Thursday, another restaurant. This one was definitely an improvement, if not promising from the outset. Tonight’s destination, though well marked on the front door, turned out to be located up an unprepossessing flight of stairs, above a video store. It was a small place, almost windowless, with … Read more

San Mateo: The Quest For Tempura

As you may know, I recently moved to San Mateo, California. It is a fine place, if somewhat heavy on the yuppie factor, and short of quality bakeries. What it does have, though, is a lot of Japanese restaurants; approximately five hundred in the downtown area, by my estimate. This is good, because I like … Read more