Daisy Bateman

Rogue Tomato Goes Rogue

Some people say that tomatoes are choosy, delicate plants requiring only the best in soils, nutrients, and growing conditions. Rogue tomato would beg to differ. You talkin’ to me? Rogue tomato sprouted from the seed of a fruit left to fall and sit on the ground through the winter because it was too gross to … Read more

Confused Tomato: The Legacy

Once upon a time, I planted a tomato upside-down. It was not pleased. There was denial, there was determination; there was even a victory of sorts. But there wasn’t a whole lot of actual tomatoes. Things are a little different now. I wasn’t sure that this side of the bay, with its fog exposure, was going … Read more

They’re Coming

Looks like I’m going to have some cherry tomatoes after all. More than a few, actually. I admit, they have a ways to go. And could probably use some warm weather. But I feel like this is a good start. I probably should have gotten around to staking them, though.

Not Dead Yet

It’s been a rough spring here in Patioland. Aside from the unseasonable cold and wet weather, to which we Californians have been responding with our usual sangfroid*, there is the very real possibility that I made a mistake by reusing the soil from last year’s herbs, which may be infested with Herb Funk or something. … Read more

Tomatoes: Reloaded

That’s right everyone, we’re back, and tomatoer than ever. Actually, that’s not true. My patio-gardening plans are much more modest this year, as evidence by the fact that I didn’t start any seedlings at all. I wasn’t actually sure that I was going to grow any heirlooms, but my coworker Jenn, who I had given … Read more

Consumed Tomatoes

One thing about growing tomatoes; at some point you’re going to get to eat them. Even, apparently, if you make as many mistakes as I have. Which is a comfort, really. It gives me hope that even at my core level of competency I can grow food that I can eat. Given, of course, easy … Read more

New Growth

Could it be? Just when I was resigning myself to a reasonable-if-unspectacular crop of tomatoes as the end of all my work and worry, I go out and discover that several of the plants have sprouted new, um, sprouts. With flowers! And green leaves! The rest of the plants have been looking kind of gray … Read more